Lee Brown

Dr. Lee Brown is the former Director of the Institute of Aboriginal Health in the College of Health Disciplines and the Indigenous Doctoral Program in the Department of Educational Studies at The University of British Columbia, where he wrote his Doctoral Thesis entitled: Making the Classroom a Healthy Place: The Develop of Affective Competency in Aboriginal Pedagogy.. He is the co-author of The Sacred Tree, an educational curriculum based on Aboriginal values and epistemology. Lee has also contributed to the Round Lake Native Healing Centre in Vernon, BC, during the last Thirty years in several capacities, including as clinical supervisor and as a cultural resource to the centre. He has been the keynote speaker at over one hundred Aboriginal conferences. He has been invited to share his knowledge of culture and healing in over five hundred indigenous communities in North America.

Dr. Brown has developed a theory of holistic emotional education predicated upon six emotional competency principles arising from his research in the area of affective education and learning. Lee also facilitates the annual Emotional Education Conference and is a Global Emotional Education Association co-founder. Lee has been published in Academic Journals on Emotional Education, including the Canadian Journal of Native Education and AlterNative: A New Zealand International Journal of Indigenous Scholarship. Lee has also served as the guest editor of the UBC Educational Leadership Journal.